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Re: General Resolution: Diversity statement results

On Wed, Jun 06 2012, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 03:24:37PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> The voters' preferences are a bit annoying to grep for etc. because
>> they aren't normalised.  So I wrote the script below, just now.
>> If someone would like to include it in some package with a suitable
>> name, and perhaps give it a manpage, please do so.  Alternatively feel
>> free to just take it of course.
> Rather than having a separate utility to do so packaged, I'd rather
> prefer to have devotee output normalized tally sheets. Doing so seems
> compatible with the transparency principle of Debian public votes. The
> existence of "obscured" votes due to the lack of normalization seems to
> be nothing more than a bug in how we present results.
> Did you consider turning your script into a devotee patch? devotee is
> written in Perl too, so it's potentially not to hard to just plug your
> script in as a patch.
> Thanks for your script (and for considering the patch idea)!
> Cheers.

        I'll be happy to add a normalization filter while publishing a
 "cooked" tally sheet. I would still prefer to keep the raw tally sheet
 around on the grounds of using a tally sheet minimal changes to how the
 voter actually voted (minimal changes, and because the current system
 kinda works).

        Once I get my act together again, I have devotee v 2.0 that I
 think is generally useful enough to package, since I have moved it to a
 command pattern based workflow, and thus people may add modules (check
 gpg sigs) or remove tham (no ldap checks), and move the action noides
 around at will (do  gpg checks _after_ ldap checks)

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