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Re: General Resolution: Diversity statement results

Michael Gilbert writes ("Re: General Resolution: Diversity statement results"):
> Why is it that devotee has moved to a private development model?  This
> seems to be contrary to Debian's goal of maximal openness, and the
> previous secretary openly published his work:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=users/srivasta/debian/devotee.git

Please try to be nicer.  The Secretary is doing a job for all of us
and we should be supportive, not aggressive.

I would also very much like the source code to be available.  In
practice the only way this is practical is if it doesn't add
significant overhead to the Secretary's workflow.  My own experience
with providing ad-hoc online services on similar scales is that
`cowboying' fixes in a local tree is too useful to be outlawed;
therefore we need a mechanism that ensures that such fixes are
automatically published without the Secretary having to do extra work
to commit it, make releases, or whatever.

I would be willing to write a patch to devotee to make it
automatically publish its own source code.  Kurt and Neil: would you
accept such a change ?  I can happily clone the code from master.

> That's nice for review and study, bit it would be even more ideal if
> the code were available on a DD-writable repo (perhaps within
> collab-maint).

IMO the requirement is for the Secretary to publish the code being
used.  Not for them to manage a collaborative development project,
unless they want to.


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