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Re: General Resolution: Diversity statement results

Debian Project Secretary - Kurt Roeckx writes ("General Resolution: Diversity statement results"):
> The results of the General Resolution is that the diversity
> statement has been accepted.
> The tally sheet is at:
> http://master.debian.org/~secretary/diversity/tally.txt

The voters' preferences are a bit annoying to grep for etc. because
they aren't normalised.  So I wrote the script below, just now.

If someone would like to include it in some package with a suitable
name, and perhaps give it a manpage, please do so.  Alternatively feel
free to just take it of course.

The licence of the version below is MIT or CC0 at your option.  Feel
free to upgrade to whatever licence is appropriate for the package it
goes into.


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
while (<>) {
    if (!m/^V: ([-1-9]+)(\s)/) {
	print or die $!;
    my $rhs = $2.$'; #';
    my $vlist = $1;
    my $oldvlist = $vlist;
    my $next = 1;
    foreach my $dig (1..9) {
        my $any = $vlist =~ s/$dig/$next/g;
#print STDERR "$vlist | $dig | $next | $any\n";
	next unless $any;
    if ($vlist !~ m/-/) {
	my $undo = $next-1;
	$vlist =~ s/$undo/-/g;
# next if $vlist eq $oldvlist;
    print "V: $vlist [$oldvlist] $rhs" or die $!;

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