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Please draft a policy for planet.debian.org

[ Please note that this is my very personal opinion and does not 
neccesarily need to cover the opinion of any of the teams I am in. ]

Dear planet folks,

I have been made aware that people use Debian resources for personal
financial gain using the planet.d.o syndication platform, by for
instance including 'flattr' links and images in the text present on

Furthermore there are reports of webbugs in some feeds syndicated  on
planet, or things that systematically leak browsing behaviour to third
parties by including images directly from these sides.

I think these occurrences might conflict with the rules that govern use
of Debian resources. At the very least I consider them to be of
extremely bad taste.

Therefor I ask you, the maintainers of planet.d.o, to please draft a
policy or set of guidelines that will prevent such abuse.  Violation of
this policy should probably be grounds for removal from

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