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Re: Please draft a policy for planet.debian.org

> I have been made aware that people use Debian resources for personal
> financial gain using the planet.d.o syndication platform, by for
> instance including 'flattr' links and images in the text present on
> planet.

> Furthermore there are reports of webbugs in some feeds syndicated  on
> planet, or things that systematically leak browsing behaviour to third
> parties by including images directly from these sides.

> I think these occurrences might conflict with the rules that govern use
> of Debian resources. At the very least I consider them to be of
> extremely bad taste.

> Therefor I ask you, the maintainers of planet.d.o, to please draft a
> policy or set of guidelines that will prevent such abuse.  Violation of
> this policy should probably be grounds for removal from
> planet.debian.org.

Well. Fine. As you might know from reading
http://wiki.debian.org/PlanetDebian we actually DO have a policy for
content on Planet Debian.

This is *intentionally* kept vague and we do not want to have it much
more specific. Planet is about the people, their life and doings, their
thoughts and feelings. We want as much to have about one developer's
children and their adventures as we want to have the occasional rant
about politics from another Maintainer. We want to have a translator
write about their adventures when they are "Lost in Translation"; we
also want to learn about the new company one of our fellow developers
just founded, and what problems both face and how they solved them. We
also want to learn what other things people are doing, what they like,
and so on.

A detailed policy will only hurt Planet, and so we keep it short and
simple. Should you have a question, comment or even complaint, feel free
to mail us at planet@debian.org. But we do not want, nor do we, rule on
general behaviour of people. That is not our place, that needs to be
dealt with elsewhere.

Note: If you are doubting whether a post is fine for Planet, ask
yourself "What will the thousands of readers think, with their
expectations of Planet", not "Will *I* like it?". Planet is for the
people to get to know who is behind Debian, not a stage to perform an
act. Show your life, do not optimize your posts for the possible readers
you might address. :)

What Can I Post On Planet?

Planet Debian aims to aggregate the blog posts of people who are active
in Debian and not only to aggregate the blog posts about Debian. The
point is to provide a window into the community itself. Posts that are
about Debian are a great idea and some people will choose to only
syndicate "on topic" posts. But other posts are also welcome! We want to
learn about the people, their life, opinions (even political) and

And so here is our small set of rules about the content on Planet Debian:

 - Provide individual feeds for each language you post in. The main
   language for Planet is English.[1]
 - Try not to annoy people. While there is absolutely no requirement
   that posts need to be about Debian, if there are a subset of posts
   that are annoying a large number of people and generating many
   complaints, you may be asked to consider providing a feed without the
   posts in question.  If you stay away from advertising content (or
   content that might be confused as such) and from excessively personal
   information, you should be fine.
 - Be very careful including material from external sites (ie, not your
   own blog/domain). The occasional picture from elsewhere is fine, but
   anything that can be (or is) used to track reader's behavior
   (commonly called webbugs[2]) is considered bad and grounds for
   exclusion from Planet. If you regularly need external content,
   consider providing that from your own site.

[1] There are Planets in other languages. Should yours not yet have one,
    mail planet@debian.org and ask for one. Have 5 people with you to
    join the new Planet and it will get created.
[2] Feedburner, Google adwhatever/analytics, etc.


Hackergotchi are the little face pictures that can appear next to your
entry. They should be a transparent PNG of *just* *your* *head*, with a
little shadow if you like. Aim for around 65x85; it's not a strict size,
but please don't make them much bigger than this. Please do stick to
your head, not a whole square of whatever environment the head happened
to be in at the time the picture was taken. It is not hard to get one
done right.


And with that above repeated here: Yes, we do think it's bad to have Flattr
buttons below every post. (And we would think the same about any other
such service.) We are fine with the occasional post sharing which
projects you like and would "Flattr", but when you do that please make
sure to not link the Flattr image from Flattr servers (see webbugs
above) but from your own resources.

This holds equally true for image links to
Facebook/Twitter/delicious/whatevertheyarenamed services.

bye, Joerg
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