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Re: Success of iPhone apps (was: Re: What is annoying in the flattr buttons?)


Julien in reply to
> Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> wrote:
> > And in conclusion, I would like to remind the extraordinary success of
> non-free
> > software on the iPhone, which I think can be explained by the easiness
> of
> > micropayement through the Apple webstore.
> It's clearly not the only reason, and it's not even the first one on
> the list.
> You should have told about the high level of integration of the whole
> platform, the overall quality of the (top) apps, the ease of use, the
> sexiness of the apps, ... and lots of other things that free software
> apps do, more often than not, lack.
> But you absolutely do have a point in that there are lessons to be
> learned, though the one you are highlighting isn't the most important of
> all.

the iPhone/Pad/Pod app store was such successful that Apple now started to adopt that thing also for the desktop. There must be something to it that escapes us.

We do not even need to run a DebStore ourselves, in principle. Anybody could start that. But why has not for instance Mark has already started one? He must have thought about it and certainly has the resources, too. 

My personal interest would be less in the applications themselves but into good tutorials that should be sold through us - and possibly even be cross platform and cross packages to some degree. Some larger book store should have an interest to support such as an experiment to conquer new markets, possibly. 

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