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Re: commercial spam on planet

On 11/11/10 17:28, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Not that I have time to do this, but it occurs to me that setting up
> something fairly similar to Flattr but not involving money would be
> straightforward.  I'm imagining a system where someone can sign up for an
> account and is automatically given some standard amount of "kudos" per
> month, which are then divided among every project that person wants to
> give "kudos" to during that month, like Flattr.  The difference would be
> that there would be no money involved, and the kudo accumulation wouldn't
> be useful for anything other than what you mention: determining what
> things people like and are interested in.

Interesting.  I'm not sure I agree though.

The only difference between "kudos" and Euros is that you can buy food
and stuff with the latter and not with the former.  I don't think that
that is the problem behind the idea of Debian contributors earning money.

Fundamentally the thing "kudos" and money have in common is the idea
that everybody's contributions gets assigned a relative value by
consensus.  That's divisive and it also sets a guideline for future
contributions - imagine if fixing RC bugs tended to attract 200 kudos,
while translation work only got you 50 kudos.  This would skew people's
priorities in exactly the same way that money would.



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