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Re: Please draft a policy for planet.debian.org


* Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org> [2010-11-11 10:56]:

> I have been made aware that people use Debian resources for personal
> financial gain using the planet.d.o syndication platform, by for
> instance including 'flattr' links and images in the text present on
> planet.
> Furthermore there are reports of webbugs in some feeds syndicated  on
> planet, or things that systematically leak browsing behaviour to third
> parties by including images directly from these sides.
> I think these occurrences might conflict with the rules that govern use
> of Debian resources. At the very least I consider them to be of
> extremely bad taste.
> Therefor I ask you, the maintainers of planet.d.o, to please draft a
> policy or set of guidelines that will prevent such abuse.  Violation of
> this policy should probably be grounds for removal from
> planet.debian.org.



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