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Re: commercial spam on planet


On Wed, 10 Nov 2010, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> My next question for you (assuming you accept that a discussion on this
> list is enough to decide on this matter---I personally do) is whether
> you find that my summary of this thread, given in my former post, is
> fair or not.

I don't know on what your summary is based. Looking at the replies, we
have about 50% persons that wants to filter it and 50% that don't mind
keeping them.

In this thread, the percentage of people annoyed by the image might be
above 50% but some have expressed that it would be less of a problem if it
was a picture hosted on the blog (and not on api.flattr.com) or if it was
a plain text link. But then I think that this kind of thread mainly
gathers interest from annoyed people and that the persons concerned by the
complaint prefer to stay away because they have nothing to gain from the

Your summary was:
> Moving forward from my personal view and trying to summarize this
> thread, I'd say that most of the participants are OK with sporadic usage
> of this kind of "spam", but that it is not quite welcome that it becomes
> a habit.

That's not really a summary, it's a try at a compromise.

Let me also remind you that we're speaking of a small footer added
automatically to the RSS feed. It's either activated or not. It's not
going to appear from times to times only.

Your summary is okay if we're considering posts whose sole content is
"You know, I'm on Flattr. Please flattr me...".

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