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Re: On terminology

On 05/07/10 20:25, Russ Allbery wrote:
>>> >> and not all Debian Maintainers are maintainers
>> > That last one is new to me. What's the point of becoming a Debian
>> > Maintainer if not to maintain one or more packages in Debian?
> So that they can upload a Debian package.  They may have no intention to
> become the maintainer.  I see a real layer of additional distinction from
> people who upload packages to people who are maintainers.  The latter is a
> role with a set of responsibilities that people pick up consciously and
> that comes with a committment.  Many Debian Maintainers do take on that
> role, but it's not a necessary component to becoming a Debian Maintainer
> or exercising the one additional capability that a DM has.

Hmm, I don't follow. To be a DM, you need to have someone advocate you
on the grounds of your work as a package maintainer.

It seems to me that you don't consider people who are only listed as
Uploaders as package maintainers. I suspect a fair bunch of DMs will not
appear on any package as maintainer, but only as Uploaders of packages
maintained within a team. I myself never had a package with DMUA set for
which I was the Maintainer: of the package.

Felipe Sateler

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