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Re: On terminology

Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

> And in the process, PLEASE rename Debian Maintainer to something that
> isn't completely confusing given the existence of a Maintainer field
> in all of our packages

Isn't the very point of the Debian Maintainer role that it more
precisely does meet the definition of the role identified by that field?

> and all the other uses of "maintainer" in Debian that pre-existed the
> Debian Maintainer system and mean something else entirely.

It seems clear from the murmurs of assent in this thread that
“maintainer” is an overloaded term, but perhaps we're not agreeing on
which usages should be changed.

So Russ, what do you think “maintainer” should mean in Debian, and what
current usages are not within that definition?

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