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Re: Switching the default startup method

Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Raphael Hertzog schrieb am Monday, den 24. August 2009:
> *snip*
>> So please point us to bugs related to breakages on upgrades (there have
>> been some I know, but I think Petter dealt with them correctly) if you
>> want to use that argument to not switch to insserv by default. The
>> current bugs that you pointed out only have to do with file-rc
>> users that are not happy.
>> I would like to mention the fact that the new file-rc maintainer is not
>> really cooperative either (thus not improving the situation for its
>> users). It would be nice if Alexander pointed out why he doesn't want to
>> fix 539609, his angry reply in
>> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=539591#15 doesn't bring
>> the discussion forward while Petter tried to lay the path to allow file-rc
>> to be a working alternative again.
> I don't see any point on supporting insserv within file-rc. I use file-rc to
> have an alternative to such a system. File-rc is different and will not work
> properly with dependency based booting. I think resorting the configuration
> file (hint, its a user file) is not a solution - so how should I implement it
> in file-rc?. Its all about choice and also I don't like if another maintainer
> which is not able to see its own bugs like to force me on its - in my eyes -
> broken solution. All I want to have is that sysv-rc is working properly, its
> usage of update-rc.d together with the debconf switch is just broken and a
> bug and reacting on this bug with filling a bug against file-rc that it
> should insserv in the future is not ok. 

Why would file-rc not work properly with dependency based booting?

You might want to look if insserv overrides can help.

What is broken with the usage of update-rc.d or the debconf switch?



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