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Re: Switching the default startup method

On Mon, 24 Aug 2009, Andreas Barth wrote:
> We should definitly continue to support oldstyle booting, at least for
> the time being.

Until what? Missing boot-time dependencies were the only problem that had
to be adressed to fix boot sequence ordering.

Sure administrators will have to learn tweaking init scripts dependencies
instead of tweaking numbers but one always has something to learn when
upgrading to a newer version.

> > I think the missing point here is that insserv is just one of the ways to
> > fix the problem of having to guess a correct start number, among many
> > others; and any system that doesn't implement that is actually a
> > regression. There are other tools similar to insserv that also do
> > dependency-based booting (but AFAIK none of them are in Debian).
> So you are telling us here that anyone who depends on the 20+ years
> working method of ordering boot with decimal numbers is using a
> regression?

They are relying on an inferior system and the fact that they are used to
it doesn't change anything on its inferior design.

> Please do not break something that works. Please be conservative with
> changes to essential stuff. Debian is not a sandbox nor your
> playground, but used on many production systems. The trust that we do
> mainly sane decisions is one of our most valuable possesions. And we
> should make sure we keep that trust.

That's granted but it's easier to say from your place instead of petter's
place... I for one appreciate the work that he has put in all this and
I would highly prefer that you help him instead of complaining about his

Your mails would have been even better accepted if you said: Petter has
been working on doing X, unfortunately some problems have been
discovered, it would be nice if some people could jump in and help Petter
achieve our goal.

Because you're giving away the message that you don't care very much of
Petter's work and that you prefer staying with the old system instead of
fixing the new system to suit your needs, and that's backwards.

Raphaël Hertzog

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