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Re: Switching the default startup method

Hi Andreas,

Although I'm not Petter I think I can make some comments.

Andreas Barth wrote:

> The local admin doesn't have any
> choice.  I need to admit that I disagree with this change at this
> time.

> Please let me point out a few issues:
> #475478 insserv: uninstallation fails horribly if an init script has
> been removed.
> #538959 needs actually to be worked on. The current state is not how
> it should be.
(which you later said it should be #511753)

These two only seem to occur when insserv is removed, and since it is now
pseudo-essential that should never happen, IOW: IMO they are not grave (I
do agree that they should be addressed, though).

> #538959 is really quite serious. We have cluebatted maintainers for
> quite some time to use update-rc.d instead of other methods. Breaking
> this by insserv doesn't get you support. So please fix this ASAP, but
> without breaking the traditional methods even more.
> Also I do admit that I'm a great fan of enabling our users to make a
> choice. For lots of server based systems having the oldstyle sysvinit
> scripts works very well. It's easy to understand, it's obvious, it's
> standard since quite many years. I don't see any reason to enforce
> dependencies on these people, and as you can see in #538959 quite many
> people don't want it.

I think the missing point here is that insserv is just one of the ways to
fix the problem of having to guess a correct start number, among many
others; and any system that doesn't implement that is actually a
regression. There are other tools similar to insserv that also do
dependency-based booting (but AFAIK none of them are in Debian).

Raphael Geissert - Debian Developer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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