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Re: [OT] aggressiveness on our mailing lists.

Luk Claes wrote:
Manoj Srivastava wrote:
On Fri, Jul 24 2009, Luk Claes wrote:

Manoj Srivastava wrote:


This is hilarious. Two posts attacking the man -- ad hominem --
 and these are the folks talking about being less aggressive.
Twisting again are you?

        Only if you call quoting what you say twisting your words.

You put it in a different context to match better what you wanted to bring across, I name that twisting, though you're still free to call that whatever you like.

This seems like a stretch to me. Notice that I did the exact same thing by SNIPPING out a part of the message. In my English dictionary, I compared the word "twisting" and the word "emphasis." I think
the word "emphasis" is a better match for this situation.

        This is a concept funny in itself.

You ridiculously trying to defend yourself from twisting words while continuing to do it in more subtle ways, sure.

As a regular person without Superhuman powers, I must be lacking in my ability to distinguish between all these subtle meanings. Since words actually have definitions, I would expect that quoting them does not change the meanings. I do recognize that sometimes a person will read words and choose what it means even if the dictionary definitions do not match.


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