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Re: Re-thinking Debian membership - take #1: inactivity

On Wed, Jul 22 2009, Charles Plessy wrote:

> Personnaly, I would not mind a more stringent mechanism, for instance
> defining activity as changing one’s LDAP password once per year. Or if
> we want to be fancy, we could count time not in years but in
> releases. Releases are the greatest events of our Project, and there
> would be some sense to ask the developers if they want to do one more
> or retire after each time we harverst the fruits of our hard work. For
> the debian-med Alioth project, I proposed to make a post-release
> general ping but I am late to start it. If there is interest, I can
> report how it was perceived by the members after I finish it.

        his is silly. It is one thing to track activities that a DD is
 expected to perform in the normal course of being a DD, and performing
 which needs one to be a DD, and quite another to create bureaucratic
 busy work so someone can check off a mark.

        That goes for unsolicited pings to active developers as well.

        Now, if there is active work going on that does not reflect
 itself in uploads, then I can see using a signde/encrypted email to a
 role address every couple of years or so  could be a work around to the
 auto MIA process.

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