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Re: Developer Status

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 04:30:31PM +0200, Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
Joey Schulze wrote:
Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
To cite an extreme example, Ingo Juergensman doesn't do packaging
nor anything of the above.  Nevertheless, he's an active member of
the Debian community for many years (even despite severe problems)
by supporting the m68k port with hosts and maintenance.  He should
be able to vote on general Debian issues such as the project leader.
This is an interesting point.

Do you thing Ingo Juergensman could not pass a simple test on
packaging or on BTS? He could anyway ask ftp-master to have
upload right removed.
Why should he do a packaging test?  Why should translators of the
website?  They do not intend to do packaging.
It should be not mandatory, but I think it is interesting to him to
know the very basic packaging.

Regardless, at the time, Ingo felt that there was no way for him to be
able to get through NM without knowing stuff about packaging. That is
not a good thing (I've known Ingo for quite some time now, and he's a
very knowledgeable person, on Debian as a whole and the m68k port

Ok, So a modified proposal:

- no DME: we should trust our voters.
- A recommendation to the people/teams responsible to choose
  the test structure and to validate candidates:

  The tests should be on various tasks/areas,
  Some areas are possibly mandatory (ID check, social contract,
  BTS, legal)
  Note: ev. targeted tests on BTS and legal (e.g. about copying,
  trivial changes, etc, instead of software compliance, but remember
  the most of last votes was about licenses and non-free)

  Some area are targeted: packing, using i18n system, vcs and
  web scripts (for web-translators, etc.), basic security (for
  shell accounts).

  Who pass the mandatory test and is a "developer" i.e.
  an active contributor to Debian could became DD and thus voter.

  Based on the targeted tests (but free to have also other ways), the
  ftp-masters, i18n-team, web-team, debian-admin, could grant
  permissions for uploads, ssh, etc.

  In this manner we have no formal differences between DD,
  but restricted access based about capabilities.
  Changing permission is thus done in less formal way by various

  In short: Debian cares about active contributors which agree
  on social contract etc. and who help Debian to advances.
  The ftp-masters care about packages (NEW packages,
  NEW uploades), etc.

Note: so in this proposal there is only one formal change:
the debian contributors. The other things could be done informally.


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