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Re: Developer Status

Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
>> To cite an extreme example, Ingo Juergensman doesn't do packaging
>> nor anything of the above.  Nevertheless, he's an active member of
>> the Debian community for many years (even despite severe problems)
>> by supporting the m68k port with hosts and maintenance.  He should
>> be able to vote on general Debian issues such as the project leader.
> This is an interesting point.
> Do you thing Ingo Juergensman could not pass a simple test on
> packaging or on BTS? He could anyway ask ftp-master to have
> upload right removed.

Why should he do a packaging test?  Why should translators of the
website?  They do not intend to do packaging.


If nothing changes, everything will remain the same.  -- Barne's Law

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