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Re: Developer Status

Joey Schulze wrote:
Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
To cite an extreme example, Ingo Juergensman doesn't do packaging
nor anything of the above.  Nevertheless, he's an active member of
the Debian community for many years (even despite severe problems)
by supporting the m68k port with hosts and maintenance.  He should
be able to vote on general Debian issues such as the project leader.
This is an interesting point.

Do you thing Ingo Juergensman could not pass a simple test on
packaging or on BTS? He could anyway ask ftp-master to have
upload right removed.

Why should he do a packaging test?  Why should translators of the
website?  They do not intend to do packaging.

It should be not mandatory, but I think it is interesting to him to
know the very basic packaging.

Managing web site translation I think it means also using
some scripts, so very basic of debhelper and packaging is not so

I'm DD and I passed the following tests (in 2000 or 2001):
ID, "philosophy" of Debian, legal (license check),
packaging, handling bts, basic English, etc.
The tests was supposed to see if the person know various
aspects of Debian, not only to see if he can pack.

Do you think a Debian voter would not be interested
on other areas?  Not to be an expert, but a very simple
tests could be useful, and not the test for usual

Eventually we can make it DD without test, and
up to ftp-master to see if upload rights should be granted.
We should trust our voters! Without distinction of
uploaders and others.

In future maybe he could do simple language packing or
NMU upload of new translations.

Let decide the NM about what kind of test would be
necessary for various interest.


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