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Re: Developer Status

Joey Schulze wrote:
Giacomo A. Catenazzi wrote:
Joerg Jaspert wrote:
Developer Status
I start loving more this proposal.

Debian is about developing a free operating system, but there's more
in an operating system than just software and packages.  If we want
translators, documentation writers, artists, free software advocates,
et al. to get endorsed by the project and feel proud for it, we need
some way to acknowledge that.  This is where our proposal comes in.
Debian is mainly software and package, so a full (voting) member
should have some knowledge to our package system.

Documentation, Translation, User support, Events and stuff have nothing
to do with packaging.  Debian community members mainly being active in
these areas should be granted voting privileges as well.  They wouldn't
need package upload privileges, though.

To cite an extreme example, Ingo Juergensman doesn't do packaging
nor anything of the above.  Nevertheless, he's an active member of
the Debian community for many years (even despite severe problems)
by supporting the m68k port with hosts and maintenance.  He should
be able to vote on general Debian issues such as the project leader.

This is an interesting point.

Do you thing Ingo Juergensman could not pass a simple test on
packaging or on BTS? He could anyway ask ftp-master to have
upload right removed.

I think most of our experienced users will have enough
capabilities for a simple test, and anyway, I would not
put him in an other category. Let giving him other tests,
but let him to be a normal Debian Developer.
who is not interested on upload packages.
No need for new categories.

Voting people should be trusting people, so without
"constitutional" limits. He would decide to have restricted


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