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Re: Debian Logo Use

Yeah, I had actually already looked into the Debian Live CD project. Unfortunately there is no product available for download at this time that I can line up with my images for comparison. So, we really have no idea what's included on those images. They only have Etch images available (at least last I checked) and we're working with Lenny and Sid.

I'm also pretty sure our goals are aligned a bit differently. The marketing on the Debian Live CD website doesn't spell out that they are targeting Desktop Linux or use as an alternative to derivatives such as Ubuntu and friends. We also use a cool but non-standard apt configuration. Mainly though, it's the marketing on the live cd project that won't work with our primary goal. To appeal to (non-techie) Ubuntu users, you pretty much need to use puppets and pictures to explain what your distro can do.

Thanks for your input. I think our name will be fine if I go with the alternate choice anyway and still clearly identify our loyalty to the Debian core. That's the main point of this anyway. We're not trying to start any fires... just asking questions while trying to support something we love.


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 4:54 PM, Michael Shuler <michael@pbandjelly.org> wrote:
(CC'ed since I'm not sure if you are a list subscriber)

On 04/14/2008 06:20 PM, Will Kaiser wrote:
My name is Will and I am working on a project aimed to help promote Debian on the desktop. We've been pretty quiet about the project, so our presence isn't really known on the internet yet. We will probably fly under the radar until later this year. Even then, who really knows. Our target go live at this point is 6/2008, but we may go sooner based on the outcome of some final testing.

The reason I am contacting you is that I need to decide between two names, and two logos. One set of name/logo are mine. The other set are yours. If I were to go the latter route, I would be using the Debian swirl for the logo and the word "debi" in the name. I won't do either of those without the blessing of the Debian project and am willing to modify my project plans to an extent if you think we can negotiate. You may be asking "why not just use your own name/logo?". Well, this really isn't a true "distribution". It's just a slightly customized Debian install and we want people to know that.

Why reinvent the wheel?

The main project goals are:

1) Provide a free installable live cd of Debian Lenny/Sid

Have you considered joining the Debian Live project?

2) Provide an immediately usable copy of Debian with some of the more daunting post-install tasks done already
3) Provide a means to demo Debian as a viable Desktop Linux alternative
4) Give users that would otherwise choose a derivative (like Ubuntu) a good reason not to
5) Do all of this while staying as close to the Debian core and default "desktop" installation as possible

All covered by the Debian Live project.  ;)

For the most part, we just want learn about Linux and give back to the Debian community, from which many others (including ourselves) have

The best way to contribute would be join an active project, I think.

taken from. The main reason I believe our project must be separate from Debian is that you will probably not be an advocate of some of the software I plan to include. While we plan on staying very close to the core, we have only been successful with a non-debian live cd installer.

Does this not conflict with #5 above?

Our plans for use of the logo are within the logo/name image on our website and for use as the replacement for the Gnome foot icon on the Applications menu. Please let me know what types of restrictions we might be facing and if there are any considerations we need to make on our end.

Refer to the Debian logo licensing on the logos page:

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