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Debian Logo Use


My name is Will and I am working on a project aimed to help promote Debian on the desktop. We've been pretty quiet about the project, so our presence isn't really known on the internet yet. We will probably fly under the radar until later this year. Even then, who really knows. Our target go live at this point is 6/2008, but we may go sooner based on the outcome of some final testing.

The reason I am contacting you is that I need to decide between two names, and two logos. One set of name/logo are mine. The other set are yours. If I were to go the latter route, I would be using the Debian swirl for the logo and the word "debi" in the name. I won't do either of those without the blessing of the Debian project and am willing to modify my project plans to an extent if you think we can negotiate. You may be asking "why not just use your own name/logo?". Well, this really isn't a true "distribution". It's just a slightly customized Debian install and we want people to know that.

The main project goals are:

1) Provide a free installable live cd of Debian Lenny/Sid
2) Provide an immediately usable copy of Debian with some of the more daunting post-install tasks done already
3) Provide a means to demo Debian as a viable Desktop Linux alternative
4) Give users that would otherwise choose a derivative (like Ubuntu) a good reason not to
5) Do all of this while staying as close to the Debian core and default "desktop" installation as possible

For the most part, we just want learn about Linux and give back to the Debian community, from which many others (including ourselves) have taken from. The main reason I believe our project must be separate from Debian is that you will probably not be an advocate of some of the software I plan to include. While we plan on staying very close to the core, we have only been successful with a non-debian live cd installer. 

Our plans for use of the logo are within the logo/name image on our website and for use as the replacement for the Gnome foot icon on the Applications menu. Please let me know what types of restrictions we might be facing and if there are any considerations we need to make on our end.

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