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Re: Debian Logo Use

On lun, 2008-04-14 at 21:44 -0700, Will Kaiser wrote:
> Yeah, I had actually already looked into the Debian Live CD project.
> Unfortunately there is no product available for download at this time
> that I can line up with my images for comparison. So, we really have
> no idea what's included on those images. They only have Etch images
> available (at least last I checked) and we're working with Lenny and
> Sid. 

The debian-live goal is not to have already-generated images,  but to
give people (including you and your project) a way to generate custom
images really fast.
> I'm also pretty sure our goals are aligned a bit differently. The
> marketing on the Debian Live CD website doesn't spell out that they
> are targeting Desktop Linux or use as an alternative to derivatives
> such as Ubuntu and friends. We also use a cool but non-standard apt
> configuration. Mainly though, it's the marketing on the live cd
> project that won't work with our primary goal. To appeal to
> (non-techie) Ubuntu users, you pretty much need to use puppets and
> pictures to explain what your distro can do. 

Yeah but in your case, debian-live would (have) help(ed) you to build
your project by not taking care of how the cd should boot, in various
environment, how to build the cd itself, etc.

Take a look at the project, it can be really helpful. I already used a
debian-live with the 3 main desktop environments on a demo box without
hard drive, for Solutions Linux 2008.


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