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Re: Debian Logo Use

Will Kaiser wrote:
> They only have Etch images
> available (at least last I checked) and we're working with Lenny and Sid.

no more true; lenny and sid initial sync from last friday has finished,

> I'm also pretty sure our goals are aligned a bit differently. The
> marketing on the Debian Live CD website doesn't spell out that they are
> targeting Desktop Linux or use as an alternative to derivatives such as
> Ubuntu and friends. We also use a cool but non-standard apt
> configuration. Mainly though, it's the marketing on the live cd project
> that won't work with our primary goal. To appeal to (non-techie) Ubuntu
> users, you pretty much need to use puppets and pictures to explain what
> your distro can do.

both the homepage and 'marketing' are something nobody had yet time to
spend with. if you have time for it, you're more than welcome.

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