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message from Sven Luther

Sven Luther requested me to forward a message to this list for him.

The message is political in nature, but its tone is not something that I
would find offensive or rude.

I'm aware that Sven is banned, so if someone thinks I should not forward
it, please say it now.  If nobody objects after a reasonable period of time,
I will send it.

Sven also told me that if nobody will forward it, he will "make it by the
slashdot way".  Whatever that means, I don't personaly think being publicly
discredited by our mistakes is something we want as a community.

Please note that this message doesn't imply agreement with his methods.  I'm
merely the messenger, so don't blame me.  OTOH, I can understand why a person
who has been forcibly silenced would react this way.

Then again, if someone objects to it, just let me know and I won't send it.


Robert Millan

My spam trap is honeypot@aybabtu.com.  Note: this address is only intended
for spam harvesters.  Writing to it will get you added to my black list.

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