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Re: message from Sven Luther

Em Sex, 2007-06-29 às 15:51 +0200, Robert Millan escreveu:
> The message is political in nature, but its tone is not something that I
> would find offensive or rude.

I personally think this has already been discussed ad nauseam for the
past months, without any indication that a reasonable outcome would be
possible - otherwise we wouldn't have got where we got, IMHO - and that
it is an unnecessary burden on the project's productivity since the last

> I'm aware that Sven is banned, so if someone thinks I should not forward
> it, please say it now.  If nobody objects after a reasonable period of time,
> I will send it.

IIRC, Sven was banned from the lists to prevent the flood due to his,
let's say, awkward method of debating and getting what he wants, that
is, to avoid the flood, not as means of censoring his ideas or anything.
Hence, I don't think forwarding one message contradicts the ban.

Up to this point, my statements just mean I would not forward the
message myself, not that I strongly object to it being forwarded.

> Sven also told me that if nobody will forward it, he will "make it by the
> slashdot way".  Whatever that means, I don't personaly think being publicly
> discredited by our mistakes is something we want as a community.

I'm sorry, but in my dictionary that translates as blackmail. *THAT* I
don't think the Debian Project or any of its members should accept. If
he is overly prejudicial or distorts the facts in public, we might just
as well respond to them, either with words or with actions. It's surely
a lot of work and headache, but I think it's better than accepting these

> Please note that this message doesn't imply agreement with his methods.  I'm
> merely the messenger, so don't blame me.  OTOH, I can understand why a person
> who has been forcibly silenced would react this way.

But I don't think the silencing is to blame either, as I guess we are
well aware of the reason why he was forcibly silenced.


Guilherme de S. Pastore

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