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Re: message from Sven Luther

On Friday 29 June 2007 15:51, Robert Millan wrote:
> Please note that this message doesn't imply agreement with his methods.
> I'm merely the messenger, so don't blame me.  OTOH, I can understand
> why a person who has been forcibly silenced would react this way.

I don't think you can say "I'm merely the messenger". If you decide to 
forward any message from anyone who is banned from a particular list, you 
assume responsibility for its content and the effects that that message 
will have.
Personally I do reserve the right to blame you for anything that _you_ 
send to the list, be it written by yourself or forwarded on request of 
somebody else (same goes for anybody else for that matter).

There is also no reason to accept the message as is. If there is anything 
in the message that you feel is unsuitable for the list, you should 
discuss that with Sven and, if at all possible, get him to change it, 
before forwarding it. Again, by forwarding it _you_ take responsibility 
for the content of the message.

Personally I would probably evaluate the message based on something like 
the following criteria, and decide based on that:
- does the message really add something to the discussion
- is the opinion of the sender really relevant for the project and its
  members, taking into account the status of the sender in the project
- is there anything in the message that is likely to offend members of
  the project or other people reading the mailing list
- is there anything in the message that could lead to a flamewar instead
  of a useful discussion

Personally I would prefer not to see any messages from Sven on the Debian 
mailing lists, but it is your call.


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