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Re: message from Sven Luther

* Robert Millan (rmh@aybabtu.com) wrote:
> I'm aware that Sven is banned, so if someone thinks I should not forward
> it, please say it now.  If nobody objects after a reasonable period of time,
> I will send it.

I don't think you should forward it.

> Then again, if someone objects to it, just let me know and I won't send it.

I object.  We've wasted enough time with this already.  If it's actually
*important* (which I strongly doubt) and has some relevance (isn't about
Sven or the ban or things which are done and settled) then (if you're
willing to) recast it in your own words, as your own statement, and maybe
mention that you heard about it from Sven or whatever.  If you're not
willing to do that then I seriously doubt it passed either of the other
tests mentioned.



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