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Re: Another level of agression ?

#include <hallo.h>
* Sven Luther [Mon, May 28 2007, 06:00:36PM]:

> > You're not bringing up anything new.
> And i will repeat it as long as people try to ignore me, and until
> Debian stands up and act in a dign and honourable way in this.
> > You're not helping yourself if you continue.
> You mean, i am not being meekly silent and accept my fate, right ? Like

Sven, come on. This is not the right time and not the right place to
cook this story _again_. You may be right, or not, it is just off-topic.
And beating dead horses won't make you many friends.

Maybe Bastian had something cruel in mind or maybe not, this just does
not matter. The current problem is solved. It's time for you to realize


Jedes Nachdenken über gutes oder schlechtes Benehmen zeugt von einem
Stillstand der geistigen Entwicklung.
		-- Oscar Wilde

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