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Re: Dealing with trolling

Filipus Klutiero <ido@vif.com>
> If I understand well what you mean by personal, here's my analysis of 
> this thread until my reply:

I am not taking the "pretending" flame-bait this time.  There
is no reason to doubt my sincerity.  Argue I'm misguided if
you want, but don't resort to public attacks on me.

Personal messages can be spotted by addressing many statements to
"you" (not as a stand-in for "one").  That often indicates it's
not a list discussion message, but a direct reply to someone,
which would /usually/ be better sent off-list.  It's nothing to
do with determining how many people a poster represents.

I sent a personal message in public at one point in the thread
because it looked like off-list communication was already
impossible, from reports of Yahoo closing email accounts, and
I didn't want to waste time rewriting it.  Maybe I should have,
as the stupid replies on-list have taken more time.

Recently, I have learnt of lists which require all messages to be
addressed to the moderator or "Sir," which is a crude attempt to
emulate newspaper letters pages, but it mostly stops people
kicking the man instead of the ball.

Best wishes,
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