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Re: Donations

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> The point of the exercise is to avoid having so many organizations and
> so many bank accounts that we would need three professional accountants
> just to keep track. Perhaps I should have worded it as 'no more than one
> such organization shall be active per country'; [...]
Or, we could just trust that the DPL, not being our enemy, won't do
stupid things. We agree that in some cases (the EU, as you mentioned)
one organization per country is excessive. In others, who knows, maybe
there is a reason for two organizations per country? [Oh, and if we're
going to put limits per-country in the constitution, who defines what a
country is? Is Taiwan, for example?]

Why not just trust the DPL to be reasonable? The language is them much
simpler, too.

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