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Re: Reforming the NM process

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006, Vincent Danjean wrote:
> I know that he, FD, DAM and perhaps a few others DD will read all these
> mail. But I would be very disappointed if these data become public
> even if restricted to all DD.

Why ? You should trust other DD if you're going to be part of Debian. If
you share some private information in "one mail" of a big process and that
you clearly say in that mail that you don't want those informations to be
public, then whoever will come across that information (and it won't be
much more even if the data is accessible by all the DD), will read your
warning as well and will respect your privacy.

But really the NM process is not supposed to be full of private
information. Just don't give private information that are not relevant...

I can imagine that you may not have time for the NM process at one point
due to private information, then you give that information to your AM and
you ask him to not record the details and just a simple message "Applicant
has some private life issues, he asked to be put on hold". And that's it.

Then there's no private information available in the log and you're done.

>   So the wiki can be a good idea for listing work (it is just collecting
> data that are already public).

I don't ask more than that.

>   For example, the AM can be interesting in getting the NM position on
> the GFDL. This can leads to good discussion and evaluation. But I am not
> convince at all that these personnal position of the NM must be made
> automatically public.

Accessible to all DD is very different from public... public would be
available on the web, and accessible via google.

>   I have the same hesitation about centralized mbox. I think this would
> be a good idea in case of change of AM. But again, I would not like at
> all that all the emails I sent to my AM become all-DD readable.

It would not necessary be "all". It would be all that the AM forwards to
the centralized mbox. In other words, the AM decides what needs to be

And again, why do you fear that other DD can read your mails ?

Bad response to T&S is no worse than getting a bug report and doing a bad
fix the first time... and getting it right only the second time. And all
this would be public. :-)

>   And if I need to change of AM, I have such an mbox locally that I
> would send him. I think that most (all ?) NM have such an mbox.

I doubt it... and why would the next AM trust you to provide everything
interesting that you really discussed ?

> me some right: upload, vote, ...). This evaluation is done by a few
> people (AM, FD, DAM, ...) and involve personal information (about AM,
> NM and people around me not involved at all in Debian). I accept

The NM process needs very few personal information. Just don't be so
expansive on your private life! :-)

- not everything needs to be logged! The AM chooses what to log.
- very few private information are needed, and only the part that directly
  concerns Debian would be logged along with a warning that you do not
  want the information to be public.
- you have to trust DD, they will respect your privacy

Raphaël Hertzog

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