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Re: Reforming the NM process


> like your studies (beeing in a computer science PhD/MSC "helps"), 
Well this might be interesting for the Debian project, but applicants
might not want this to become public knowledge. Please do not assume,
that this is for any particular reason, but merely for keeping ones

Debian is about diversity, and I think you have to understand, that
there are people who are trying to dispose as little information about
themselves as possible. You may call it paranoia, but others might say
that this is merely protecting their privacy.

And please don't argue that you are making some things already public by
entering NM/Debian. This is right, but this is information commonly
accepted to be necessary for keeping Debian transparent. So it is
necessary if you want to participate.

> I don't see why oh why the position 
> of an applicant that want to become a DD would be protected in any 
> mean.
Again, you make your general point of view available by being an DD, but
there is no need to do so for your specific comments. 

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