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Re: Reforming the NM process

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Le Mer 12 Avril 2006 08:34, Benjamin Mesing a écrit :
>> I would strongly suggest, allowing to restrict access to such a site
>> to DDs. This is because not everyone feels comfortable having
>> personal information (like your specific view on free software)
>> world-accessable. Debian developers need to know, since you are about
>> to become part of their community, but no one else needs to know more
>> than is exposed by your membership in the Debian community anyways.
> then you shouldn't apply for becoming a DD because your so called 
> personnal views on free software are a requirement for beeing a DD. Oh 
> and btw, the application is public anyway.

As a NM applicant, I would like to explain my view about personnal
When my AM contacts me, he ask me to present myself telling me that
if there was something that I do not want to be public, I just have
to tell him. And indeed, I talk him about some part of my private
life (and private relationships) that I would not like to be public.
I know that he, FD, DAM and perhaps a few others DD will read all these
mail. But I would be very disappointed if these data become public
even if restricted to all DD.
  So the wiki can be a good idea for listing work (it is just collecting
data that are already public). I am not sure about personnal views on
free software. It is an evidence that some positions can be
incompatible with Debian. But there is not necessary one good and
official position on all the suject.
  For example, the AM can be interesting in getting the NM position on
the GFDL. This can leads to good discussion and evaluation. But I am not
convince at all that these personnal position of the NM must be made
automatically public.

  I have the same hesitation about centralized mbox. I think this would
be a good idea in case of change of AM. But again, I would not like at
all that all the emails I sent to my AM become all-DD readable.
  And if I need to change of AM, I have such an mbox locally that I
would send him. I think that most (all ?) NM have such an mbox.

  To summary, I see the NM process as an evaluation to see if I can
join the Debian community (ie if other DD will trust me enough to give
me some right: upload, vote, ...). This evaluation is done by a few
people (AM, FD, DAM, ...) and involve personal information (about AM,
NM and people around me not involved at all in Debian). I accept
that these few people read all what I send, but I would not like that
all of this will become public.

> So to my eyes, the so called problem you raise is irrelevant. Not to 
> mention that I would feel concerned and surprised (in a bad sense) if 
> an applicant would have such issues. e.g.: if you have an issue with 
> your company knowing that you want to become a DD, then, *don't ask for 
> beeing one*, because that's a public matter. Debian is about 
> transparency.

transparency does not mean for me that all my personal life must be made
public. I think that the evaluators (mostly the AM) needs to know some
part of it (it makes its job easier), but this should be restricted to
  Of course, most of what I said to my AM can be made public. In fact,
there is only one mail where I tell him information I do not want to be
public. So we consider all what we say as public except if I (or he)
tell that it is not. I think this is a good behaviour and I would not
like it becomes impossible to exchange private information with our
evaluators during the NM process.

  Best regards,

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