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Re: Reforming the NM process


> > I would strongly suggest, allowing to restrict access to such a site
> > to DDs. This is because not everyone feels comfortable having
> > personal information (like your specific view on free software)
> > world-accessable. Debian developers need to know, since you are about
> > to become part of their community, but no one else needs to know more
> > than is exposed by your membership in the Debian community anyways.
> then you shouldn't apply for becoming a DD because your so called 
> personnal views on free software are a requirement for beeing a DD. Oh 
> and btw, the application is public anyway.
> So to my eyes, the so called problem you raise is irrelevant. Not to 
> mention that I would feel concerned and surprised (in a bad sense) if 
> an applicant would have such issues. e.g.: if you have an issue with 
> your company knowing that you want to become a DD, then, *don't ask for 
> beeing one*, because that's a public matter. Debian is about 
> transparency.
I disagree with you. All that people need to know outside Debian, is
that you conceed with the Debian guidelines on freedom, nothing more. I
have strong feeling about preserving privacy as far as possible, but
this is OT here. 
But after rereading Marc's and Michael's post, I noticed, that they were
not advocating putting your _specific_ views on such a page (Michael
merely mentioned a small paragraph on your motivation). 
So my concerns are in fact irrelevant, as long as this page is not

Best regards 


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