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Debian Subscription

Dear DPL,

I am currently a user of Slackware GNU/Linux distribution and am now
planning to switch to Debian GNU/Linux.  I am aware that there are
many CD vendors from whom I can purchase the distribution.  

My question is this.  Why doesn't Debian GNU/Linux sell distribution
CDs?  What about Debian Distribution Subscription?  What is the
rationale behind not selling?  

A few volunteers can always take up this task of creating CDs and
selling it thereby generating some revenue for the Debian project.
Why rely on donations alone, when you can actually sell something and
generate revenue?

The FreeBSD project has this kind of revenue generation.  I can buy
their distribution CDs.  I can also buy user guide and administrators
guide (books).  

The purchaser (user) would also have the satisfaction of supporting
the project by paying for obtaining a copy of the distribution.  This
reason alone should be sufficient for putting in place and way of
selling the distribution.

What are your thoughts?



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