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Re: Reforming the NM process

Le Mer 12 Avril 2006 14:57, Neil McGovern a écrit :
> On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 08:43:48AM +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > Le Mer 12 Avril 2006 08:34, Benjamin Mesing a écrit :
> > > I would strongly suggest, allowing to restrict access to such a
> > > site to DDs. This is because not everyone feels comfortable
> > > having personal information (like your specific view on free
> > > software) world-accessable. Debian developers need to know, since
> > > you are about to become part of their community, but no one else
> > > needs to know more than is exposed by your membership in the
> > > Debian community anyways.
> >
> > then you shouldn't apply for becoming a DD because your so called
> > personnal views on free software are a requirement for beeing a DD.
> > Oh and btw, the application is public anyway.
> Not entirely. From the templates:
> 3. Finally, please tell me about yourself, how you came to GNU/Linux
> and free software, and why you want to volunteer your time. Please
> describe the contributions you have made to Debian, your primary
> areas of interest within Debian, and any goals you plan to
> accomplish. Note: I would like to post a summary about your biography
> to a public mailing list so other developers can get to know you.
> Please indicate which parts I may publish and which not.
> The responses to the answers aren't public either.
> Neil

what are meant to be put on the wiki page are not personnal 
informations, but what is already findable with google and a couple 
hours of free time:
 * packaging teams you are member of ;
 * your PTS/DDPO page ;
 * BTS activity ;
 * posts relating things you've done helped for (on the mail list
   archives) ;
 * other free projects your are a member of ;
 * etc ...

Please tell me what isn't *already* public in that ?
It's only a way to sort NM to give them an AM iff they are 
commited "enough" to debian. If the wiki page is empty, the Front Desk 
see his work made easier for those.

I've never suggested that answer to the templates had to be prepared on 
a wiki, and I've never wanted it either.

I see the "wiki page" thing, like a place where an AM gather 
informations about what he does in/for debian. Nothing else, nothing 
more. And like other have said, that can (should ?) be a living page, 
growing with you widening interest for every debian related tasks. But 
again, it's only supposed to list things that a tedious google search 
can *already* reveal.


And as of the templates, an applicant just can't say that all the 
information is private, because that wouldn't let anything left for the 
*public* AM report. technically he *can* ask for full secrecy, but he 
won't become a DD.

Other point, I'm really in favour that applications of NM that actually 
become DDs is made *fully* public (and not restricted to DD only).
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