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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi>
> I freely admit that I am being hostile, because you are defending
> collateral damage from an action that has no actual benefit and does not
> help solve the problem.

Jumping to the wrong conclusions again?  I am not defending
the damage. It hurts. I am trying to explain possible motives
and ways to resolve it.

> Getting uol.com.br customers to react could have
> been achieved by other ways; hurting them is unlikely to get them to
> co-operate.

I don't know that and I don't know what was tried already.

> > Posting to -devel already brings one a certain amount of spam.
> > Anything that reduces that will make posting to -devel more
> > attractive and help improve communication in the project.
> Kicking people off Debian lists without proper reason is really, really
> bad for the project. Much worse than a single autoresponse message that
> is easy to filter off, until it can be stopped.

Just as well these were unsubbed for a proper reason, then.
Maybe not a reason we like, but improper would be random stuff
like "because he's ugly" or "because he made fun of us once".

> > I'm unsure whether this blacklisting is the best way to deal
> Anand's message only talked about unceremonicous unsubscriptions, not
> blacklisting.

I stand corrected. I inferred from the "are now considered spam
addresses" that they were blacklisted like root@*, but I see
that's not clear from the message.

> > Happily, not my decision to make: don't flame me for it.
> You're happy to defend other people being hurt, so hey, it should be
> fine to hurt you, Mark.

Only if you would like to be hurt, Lars. The ethic of reciprocity
is "do unto others as you would be done unto" not "do unto
others what you think they're advocating".

Applying the rule to myself: if I was being hurt by a list ban,
I'd welcome someone trying to explain the motives and what I
could do about it. I think that's missing from the last two
listmaster ban announcements that I've seen.

> But whatever, I think it's better if I don't try to talk to you anymore.

Have you ever, JOOI?

> It's obviously unproductive for either of us.

Yes. It's never going to go well until you stop flaming me based
on random figments of your imagination, at least.

Best wishes,
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