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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

"Guilherme de S. Pastore" <guilherme.pastore@terra.com.br>
> Em Ter, 2006-03-14 =C3=A0s 00:30 +0000, MJ Ray escreveu:
> > 6. To compensate, we need to cost UOL money.
> Yeah, sure, and also cost Debian contributors time and money. This

Debian contributors are being cost time and money dealing
with UOL's crap anyway.  Banning UOL moves some cost onto
Debian contributors who are UOL customers. Share and Enjoy.

> measure hasn't punished UOL to any extent, and hasn't helped in any way
> to fix the problem.

This problem for UOL customers seems primarily caused by
UOL's bad postmastering and could be fixed easily by them.
If you are a UOL customer, have you complained to them?
You can help to fix this problem!

This move punishes UOL's customers as a proxy for UOL.
After all, without customers, UOL wouldn't be a problem.
It's also punishing UOL by depleting goodwill, albeit in
a minor way so far, and also depleting Debian's in some eyes.

> It is simply frustrating and demanding time from
> Debian contributors and generally interested people.

How do you think non-UOL users feel about UOL demanding
time from Debian contributors? Very frustrated!

Hope that explains,
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