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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

On 3/14/06, Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi> wrote:
> ti, 2006-03-14 kello 11:28 +0000, MJ Ray kirjoitti:
> > Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi>
> > > The cost of having to delete an autoreply message for every mail you
> > > send to -devel is not so great as to warrant kicking out Debian
> > > contributors from Debian mailing lists. Get a life.
> >
> > I feel you're being unreasonably hostile.
> I don't think I am being unreasonably hostile. Hostile yes, unreasonably
> so, no.
> I freely admit that I am being hostile, because you are defending
> collateral damage from an action that has no actual benefit and does not
> help solve the problem. Getting uol.com.br customers to react could have
> been achieved by other ways; hurting them is unlikely to get them to
> co-operate.

Please, calm down. I agree with liw when he says that getting
uol.com.br customers
to react could have been achieved by other ways. The listmasters could
ask the brazilian developers for example. I'm one and i'm already in
contact with UOL and no, i've nothing to do with UOL customers.

> > Posting to -devel already brings one a certain amount of spam.
> > Anything that reduces that will make posting to -devel more
> > attractive and help improve communication in the project.
> Kicking people off Debian lists without proper reason is really, really
> bad for the project. Much worse than a single autoresponse message that
> is easy to filter off, until it can be stopped.

Since the uol.com.br ban has no practical results and the listmasters
knows that i'm trying to solve this, i would like to suggest to remove
the uol.com.br ban.

> (...)

Thanks in advance,
-- stratus

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