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Re: uol.com.br and petsupermarket

Lars Wirzenius <liw@liw.iki.fi>
> The cost of having to delete an autoreply message for every mail you
> send to -devel is not so great as to warrant kicking out Debian
> contributors from Debian mailing lists. Get a life.

I feel you're being unreasonably hostile.  "Many discussions
become aggressive, and even seemingly innocent technical
decisions turn out to be quite controversial, sometimes due
to old grudges.  This is bad for productivity, and bad for
quality." -- http://liw.iki.fi/liw/temp/dpl-platform.txt.asc

Posting to -devel already brings one a certain amount of spam.
Anything that reduces that will make posting to -devel more
attractive and help improve communication in the project.

I'm unsure whether this blacklisting is the best way to deal
with the long UOL anti-spam spam problem, but I can see its
reasoning. UOL users are contributors to UOL and a long-term
way to make UOL change is to give their users incentives to
stop. Happily, not my decision to make: don't flame me for it.

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