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Re: More polls and social pressure

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
> If you only take into account "non-technical" stuff, you may be right.
> But then it's the same type of problematic as with architectures and
> porters... should a minority hold back the progress of the majority ?

No. However, majorities do not always choose progress.

> There are always discussions between both minorities and majorities, but
> then when there's no a agreement possible, should we be stuck because the
> discussion didn't led anywhere ?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Should a majority always win it? No.

> > Fewer secretarial roles, facilitation of non-technical GRs and
> > more official status to our summaries of technical choices.
> "Fewer secretarial roles" but do you think the secretary should hold
> them ?

I'm unsure. It would make for consistency and reduces the number
of people being flamed to a crisp (but we should reduce that anyway),
but maybe would concentrate power or overload the secretary.

> Why facilitate only "non-technical" GR ?

I meant "non-technical position statement". Editing error.
I don't think the quick turnaround is desirable for any of the
other types of GR.

> > I wondered what views other people have about the idea.
> I wonder too, but it looks like not many people are following that thread
> (and it's my fault, I shouldn't have put the controversial bit in the same
> discussion thread).

Better luck holding back from the drive-by flaming next time.

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