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Re: More polls and social pressure

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>

> [...] I also believe that the delegate will most of
> the time make up their own opinions and won't blindly follow the majority
> if they (belive they) have grounded objections.

How does that differ from the current situation: relying on a
delegate's good judgement? I don't see what benefit you get if
you "officialize" the polls, rather than keep them informal.

> I mean several delegates took difficult decisions without any project-wide
> approval. Those probably don't fear to do something that is not accepted
> by the majority and the fact that they know that the project disagree will
> invite them to explain why they don't follow the majority.  All of this
> looks sane to me.

I'm not sure: shouldn't ignored minorities get explanations, too?

> BTW, on a related note, someone pointed to me by private mail to "demexp",
> a project of "democratic experience" :
> http://www.demexp.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=1

Thanks for the link. One improvement of that one, compared with
this suggestion, is that each participant can suggest responses.

> > [...] It's already hard to get compromises in public
> > and these polls will probably polarise debates more quickly
> Or the polls may lead to saner discussion because some people will
> want to clearly express their opinion in a single elaborate and constructive
> mail that could be used as reference for one of the ballot's option.
> Those kind of mails will have more weigth since they will be read by
> people who may not have followed the whole discussion but who want to
> give their opinion since the subject matters to them.

How would most references get on the ballot?  I thought polls
would be suggested by only one DD (for speed), and it's natural
if some support one option and maybe don't understand the others
enough to pick the best summary emails.

> For me, it's clear that a poll makes only sense when the discussion has
> lasted a bit and that most discussions have lead to disagreements which
> can't be solved with technical adjustements.

How would you limit nonsense polls?

I feel that attempting to officialise the polls as a
decision-making aid will result in something very similar to
the constitution Standard Resolution Procedure or a reform of it.
That's not surprising, as the polls were based on its methods.

> > JOOI, did you read http://www.craphound.com/down/download.php ?
> No, not yet.

I'd recommend it.

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