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Re: More polls and social pressure

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, MJ Ray wrote: [...]
> > I think ignored minorities are just as entitled to [reasons] as
> > ignored majorities. Number of believers doesn't help [...]
> That's right, but this problem wouldn't get worse because we
> have introduced polls.  [...]

If that's your belief, then I don't share it. I think some
majorities in the project are trying their hardest for ways to
marginalise and ignore minorities on some non-technical issues.
Lately, each time some DD almost convinces me it isn't the
case, I get rudely knocked back by apparently-discriminatory
acts.  On the upside, at least it's not clear to me yet.

> > Then I can see how your hopes could happen, if they have enough
> > power. Secretarying for contentious issues seems a hard task.
> Sure, but it's in line with your recent propositions to handle=20
> conflicts on mailing lists, isn't it ?

Indeed. I just wanted to note that this is a hard task. Making
new hard tasks is something to be cautious about.

> > Have you considered making a "lightweight SRP" that's only usable for
> > policy statements and summaries of personal technical choices?
> What would be the difference with the polls ?

Fewer secretarial roles, facilitation of non-technical GRs and
more official status to our summaries of technical choices.

I think the first two are probably good, but less sure of the last.
I wondered what views other people have about the idea.

> > (Can you shorten your line length so it doesn't wrap, please?)
> Huh ? I have textwidth=74 in vim ...

I guess something else must have messed it up. This one was OK.
Sorry for that noise.

Best wishes,
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