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Re: More polls and social pressure

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>
> On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, MJ Ray wrote:
> > [...] I don't see what benefit you get if
> > you "officialize" the polls, rather than keep them informal.
> [...] By officializing, I only mean :
> - let the DD know that they have the possibility to use "polls" [...]
> - be able to use d-d-a for those polls

As a DD, jvw could already use d-d-a for those polls. Maybe the
first poll there could ask where they should appear and how often?
Still, I don't see the benefit of officialising polls yet.

> However with polls, the delegate will notice that his decision has upset a
> majority of people and will try to explain his decision in order to
> reduce/limit the bad feelinsg expressed.

I think ignored minorities are just as entitled to them as
ignored majorities. Number of believers doesn't help justify
a view's correctness, else no-one would use debian (as we are
still a minority in the GNU/Linux world AFAIK)...

> I imagine we need a kind of "poll secretary". [...]

Then I can see how your hopes could happen, if they have enough
power. Secretarying for contentious issues seems a hard task.

I think your early examples of using polls that could allow
a majority to gang up in a personal attack on one developer
shouldn't be allowed and I hope any secretary would disallow it.

> > I feel that attempting to officialise the polls as a
> > decision-making aid will result in something very similar to
> > the constitution Standard Resolution Procedure or a reform of it.
> > That's not surprising, as the polls were based on its methods.
> It's possible, but I find lightweight GRs quite useful. There are many
> questions that ought to find answers, but that just don't because running
> a GR is overkill (taking too long - almost 1 month min, too much formalism).

Have you considered making a "lightweight SRP" that's only usable
for policy statements and summaries of personal technical choices?

(Can you shorten your line length so it doesn't wrap, please?)

Best wishes,
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