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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

Le lundi 12 décembre 2005 à 16:02 -0500, David Nusinow a écrit :
> The result of this leads me to believe that most of the famed integration
> going on in Ubuntu is the result of the eye-catching theme, the choice of a
> single default desktop, and good marketing. I had hoped to install Ubuntu
> on one of my systems to see for myself, but unfortunately the installer
> failed so I have had to make do with the LiveCD. The problematic outcome of
> all this though, is that we can't fix the problem if we don't know where it
> is.

I asked myself the same question and I'm pretty sure that it's not only
an "eye-catching theme". If you want a proof of that, just read what the
"specifications" contains ...

Ubuntu mostly works that way :
1/ Draft specs (every six month after their release)
2/ Sync with sid
3/ Implement changes
4/ Always test
5/ Release

See https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+specs and check how every
important change is thought out before any implementation.

What I wonder is :
- how much of those change will automatically come to Debian because
they are actually upstream changes
- how much of those changes are really packaging changes

In any case I would really like to see more DD work on reintegrating all
this great stuff in Debian proper. I would be even more thankful if Mark
Shuttleworth could push strongly all MOTU to help in that area...
because that's what makes sense for everyone. "Ubuntu volunteers" should
really be "Debian voluntters" at the same time. 

We share the tools, why shouldn't we share the benevols ? Everything
that happens directly in Debian also happens in Ubuntu... 

Of course, we can't take everything, but if we could only manage to
integrate the most important changes first (like initng or whatever is
used to boot faster, like standardizing on startup script using LSB
functions, etc.), that would be really great.

Raphaël Hertzog

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