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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

also sprach Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> [2005.12.12.2121 +0100]:
> So when was the last time you tried installing Debian with this
> task whose name you are not even sure of?

I don't think I ever installed the task myself, but surely
I installed GNOME and/or KDE, and the task doesn't really do
anything else, or does it? Anyway, my comments are based on dozens
of feedbacks I got from other users, none of whom was particularly
excited at being dumped into plain X+KDE/GNOME without much
integration. Just yesterday, someone wrote to me:

  I've used Debian for years and I love it and continue to use it on
  my servers. I use Ubuntu on the desktop and I love it too. I get
  a fluffy interface as nice as a Mac set up for me but importantly,
  I still get hardcore Debian commands because Debian is still

I surely never heard a Debian user talk about a "fluffy interface"
whilst installing a desktop environment. The desktop task installs
KDE and GNOME, and then you log into KDE and it looks like ... well
-- maybe that's fixed by now, but #248868 was a major PR problem at
a big rollout we completed last year. GNOME looks much better after
the first log-in, but something tells me this is in part due to

Why did you bring up d-i in this context anyway?

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