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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

also sprach Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net> [2005.12.12.1431 +0100]:
> > Still, #ubuntu is not the place to which we should
> > send people when they want Debian vs. Ubuntu thoughts.
> Respectfully: Why not?

Because the quality of information there won't be much better than
in Debian-forums -- people are biased. I've witnessed quite some
polemic talk by Ubuntu users advocating their distro, somewhat
reminiscent of what I would have assumed to hear by Gentoo folks.

> The Ubuntu people, having actually derived Ubuntu from Debian, are the
> ones who are in the best position to know what they changed along the
> way.

Is that what users want to hear? Or do they want to hear what the
difference in terms of usability and expected skill level is?

What if users are seeking a balanced account and thus consult with
both sides?

> On the other hand, we Debian people, having created Debian from
> various upstream sources, know nothing about how Ubuntu differs
> - unless we are particularly curious or happen to be Ubuntu people
> *also*.

And, is this a good thing? As I said before, Ubuntu is not just
another distro.

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