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Re: Approaching VMware (and others) to get Debian listed as supported ?

Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org> writes:

> On Thursday 06 October 2005 21:42, Ben Pfaff wrote:
>> These answers seem to assume that VMware would say that the
>> "unstable" release is supported.  Our "stable" releases, on the
>> other hand, change very slowly.  I could ask again, if anyone is
>> interested, about support for stable releases of Debian.
> Please do ask. I've been using vmware in a corporate environment as a host and 
> as a guest without problems whatsoever with woody. And I know sarge works as 
> well. Being officially listed as supported would be real nice for various 
> reasons, if "only" for the stable releases.

I did ask, about a week ago, but I didn't get a reply yet.  I
think my email might have been lost in the shuffle.  I will try
again in some time (I don't want to annoy anyone at VMware).
Ben Pfaff 
email: blp@cs.stanford.edu
web: http://benpfaff.org

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