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Re: Approaching VMware (and others) to get Debian listed as supported ?

"Yann Dirson" <dirson@debian.org> writes:

> Debian is not listed in the list of supported OS on the VMware website[1].

I asked my contact at VMware (a manager) about the situation.
The message I sent him was this:

> It's recently come up on the Debian mailing lists that Debian
> is not listed as a supported guest OS.  Do you have an idea who
> I should talk to about getting it added?  The list of supported
> guest OSes is pretty long, so I imagine that it's really just
> an oversight, not a technical issue.

Here is the answer that I received from him:

> [...] I'm doubtful its purely an oversite.

> We're responsible for testing and validating anything we claim to
> be supported, and my (admittedly dated) understanding with
> respect to Debian is that it morphs at a rate greater than we can
> adequately test, and while I'm pretty sure we always test with
> Debian before releases, making the statement of official support
> is a higher bar that is impractical given the Debian release
> model.
> I may also be totally wrong though. 

There was a follow-up from the product manager for VMware
Workstation as well:

> You're actually spot on.  We just started supporting Ubuntu
> with WKS 5.5.

These answers seem to assume that VMware would say that the
"unstable" release is supported.  Our "stable" releases, on the
other hand, change very slowly.  I could ask again, if anyone is
interested, about support for stable releases of Debian.
Ben Pfaff 
email: blp@cs.stanford.edu
web: http://benpfaff.org

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